Our TSA counterparts invited a few of us to tour an Amazon Distribution Center and it was Awesome. Below are the pictures and video that show how they are crushing it.

  1. One of the cool things they had is a Granger PPE vending machine. If members need a new set of any of the items in the machine, they scan their employee badge and select what it is they want. Certain items are limited like you can only get gloves 2 times a week etc. They also have Tylenol or Advil with various items the members may need.

2. The vehicle fleet of Tugs and K loaders are all electric. The roof of the facility is a solar field.

Now we will walk through the process that a package goes through once it reaches the facility to when it leaves

Process begins with packages straight from the trucks. They get sorted from boxes and the smaller packages.

After they are separated the boxes go through a scanner that takes the data and creates the path to get the box to its destination. It also creates distance between the packages to allow for the separators to move them to the correct chute.

A better video of the separators in action.

Once it is separated it is then picked up and scanned by a robot arm and put on a small Pegasus robot and told where to drop the package.

Cool little video of the small Pegasus robots in action

The small Pegasus drops the package down a chute

This leads to the Human interaction of the package. At the bottom of the chute the package is inspected by an employee for an damage, leakage etc. After the inspection the employee puts it in a large box where the large Pegasus robots then take it to be loaded either to air cargo or ground cargo.

We talked about the big packages the smaller ones have a little different of a journey. They go though sorting and then are dropped into larger bags based on delivery location.