Article Three: More Prints!

Replica Huey Cyclic

MSgt Abrams from the 1st Helicopter Squadron came in with a unique request: help him create a replica cyclic from the UH-1N “Huey” helicopters that his unit flies. The 1HS plans to use the replicas to modernize their quarterly awards program! This beautiful trophy was printed with PLA in 25 hours on our Ultimaker S5!

Bose A20 hand controller mounts for C-37’s & G550’s

Major Richard Hall of the 99th Airlift Squadron stopped by Spark X with an idea: he wanted to print a custom holder for the hand controllers on Bose A20 headsets. Aircrew use these headsets while flying their C-37’s and Gulfstream 550’s. Currently, the hand control dangles on the communication cord, often out of quick reach. With our prototyping help, Maj Hall left with some new mounts to test in their aircraft. The mounts are designed to keep headset controls within quick reach at all times.