The Spark X: A Defense Innovation laboratory

The SparkX is an innovation program that integrates technology to help Airmen pursue solutions to improve the Air Force. Our mission is “to bring tomorrow’s tools to the Warfighter today.”

We are located on Joint-base Andrews and are open from 9 a.m. – 4:00 p.m., Monday through Friday.

We Help to Make Your Ideas Come to Life

SparkX has access to a wide-variety of tools to solve your operational issues. If you are interested in learning any of these technologies please submit our form at the bottom of the page or click here.

3D Modelling and Printing

Many 3D Printers including Resin printers, a Metal printer and a Composite material printer, as well as drafting software like Autodesk Fusion 360 

Software and Web Development

Creation of software tools using the latest software and web development technologies

3D Scanning / Reverse Engineering

Create 3D models of virtually anything from small or large item assets to entire buildings using a handheld laser scanner.

Virtual / Augmented Reality

Step into an augmented reality and see how we can use these tools for our job.

Your Ideas

Check out previous projects and their impact!

Our Team

Our team is made up of young and creative airmen spanning from a wide variety of different backgrounds and career fields. Each one of them bring to the table different skills and assets to assist with the creative and innovative process

Josh Park

Director of Innovation

Helicopter Pilot

Earl Bagwell

Superintendent of Innovation

Project Planning and Spark Cell Lead

Security Forces

Chad Bohr

Innovation Technician

3D Modeling and Room Scanning

Security Forces

Luis Diaz

Innovation Technician

3D Modeling and Project Planning

Emergency Management

Robert Landis

Innovation Technician

Project Planning and Networking

Vehicle Operations

Chris Mealing

Innovation Technian

Web Development Design

Radar Airfield, and Weather

Chris Handy

Innovation Technician

3D Modeling and Engineering

Project ARC Engineer

Andrew Davison

Innovation Technician

Web Development Design

Electronic Counter Measures

Chris Handy

Innovation Technician

3D Modeling and Engineering

Project ARC Engineer

Have an Idea? Contact us!

If you have an issue or an idea, contact us for information on how to move forward!


+ 1 (301) 981-4817 


1443 Concord Ave, Joint-Base Andrews, Maryland,